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Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare Sheets

Freddy's Ink "tattoo aftercare sheet" and "piercing aftercare sheet" are based on our own personal tattoo and piercing experiences and thousands of customer-reviewed results. We do not claim to have the only answer to tattoo or piercing aftercare information; we only claim our own experience and results. If you have another piercer or tattoo artist who has their aftercare, we recommend you listen to them and their care. However, if you want to try ours or use it to complement your aftercare instructions, please do so at your own risk. 

Freddy's Ink Tattoo Aftercare

This is our Tattoo aftercare sheet. Please feel free to download, print, or bookmark for future reference.

Freddy's Ink Piercing Aftercare

This is our Piercing aftercare sheet. Please feel free to download, print, or bookmark for future reference.


As with all body art modifications, there are risks. And there are different opinions about the best tattoo or piercing aftercare for any procedure done to one's body. However, in our opinion, there are a few notes to take awareness of. 

1: Tattoos and piercings are labels for the body modification done. Understand it is a wound first and foremost; take care of the wound, and the tattoo or piercing should follow.

2: Analogy- Imagine you are a clean-up crew; your body is the construction crew. You are hired to clean up the mess that the construction crew creates. The cleaner the site the better the work the construction crew can produce. Do Not pretend you are the construction crew; do not get in the way. Clean the site, get out, and let the professionals do their job. 

3: Tattoo "flaking" is typical, but sometimes you will experience none whatsoever; this is also normal. Sometimes, scabbing may occur; if so, leave it alone and allow the body to do its thing. Sometimes, there will need to be a touch-up; sometimes, it will heal and be perfectly beautiful after completely healing all scabs and wounds. Touch-ups are a normal part of tattooing, but that does not mean that every tattoo will need it. The only way to truly know is after the entire healing process has happened and results are assessed. Sometimes immediately and sometimes months or even years later.

4: All piercings should not be switched to new jewelry until the allotted healing time. (refer to "Piercing Aftercare"). If one changes jewelry before the suggested healing time, they run a very high risk of irritation, inflammation at the site, rejection, or even infections. All jewelry on site of Freddy's Ink is high-grade surgical stainless steel. If one is to change jewelry, please note our choice and recommendation of metals. Or choose quality: gold, silver, or titanium. If one is allergic to stainless steel, please let your piercer know before the appointment.

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